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Guest Comments

Date : February 10, 2015
Name : Udaya Lakshmi
Country : India
Comment :The trip to Udaipur was made better by the warmth and friendliness of Jamil and his family. Udaipur and in essence Rajasthan's welcoming spirit is clearly seen in their hospitality. Though my trip was a short one, the time spent here was the best with tips on places to explore, great recommendations of places to eat and good company. I would highly recommend families and solo travellers alike to explore Rajasthan with Jamil and friends.

Date : February 10, 2015
Name : Florian Herrmann
Country : Germany
Comment : Hallo,

wir haben für unsere 8-tägige Rajasthan-Tour über den Rasjasthan Car Service ein Auto mit Fahrer gebucht und können diesen sowie unseren Fahrer Ganesh sehr empfehlen. Ganesh fährt sehr sicher und umsichtig. Schwer zu finden unter Fahrern ist auch die Kombination an Freundlichkeit und Offenheit, zusammen mit dem Fingerspitzengefühl, im richtigen Moment ruhig sein zu können. Zudem, und ganz wichtig in Indien: Ganesh ist sehr ehrlich und versucht, seine Kunden auf Wunsch zu Geschäften mit lokalen Preisen zu bringen. Ganesh ist der beste Fahrer, den wir in Indien bisher hatten.

Anna und Florian aus Berlin

Hi there,

We hereby would like to highly recommend our driver Ganesh from Rajasthan Car Services who accompanied us on our 8-day tour through Rajasthan. Ganesh quickly proofed to be our best driver in India so far. Ganesh is a charming person, knowledegable of Rajasthan and very honest. He makes sure the travel is comfortable and safe and provides good travel advice.

Thanks a lot for the great trip!

Anna and Florian from Germany
Date : December 30, 2014
Name : Shanta Mainker
Country : India
Comment :First & foremost I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of my entire family to Naeem Khan to make our entire trip very comfortable & enjoyable. He is trustworthy & the best guide one can have on a trip.... very knowledgeable, accomodating & helpful. Till the last day of our 6days long trip, he did not make us realise that he had his mother in the hospital in another city...he is a thorough is worship for him. We were a group of women & children, but we felt safe.

We also specially would like to thank Jamil for assisting with booking confirmed train tickets back to Mumbai.

All in all excellent service standard...will definitely recommend to all my other family members & friends.

Date : June 16, 2014
Name : Lauren & Jake
Country : United States
Comment : Incredibly honest and fair! Ganesh is a wonderful driver and now also a good friend. We highly recommend traveling Ganesh and Jamil! India was amazing because of their services.

Date : February 20, 2014
Name : Stephen Mayberry
Country : United States
Comment : I asked 5 companies for costs for a 8 day trip from Udaipur to Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandawa to Jaipur and Jamil offered the lowest cost and most complete proposal. It turned out great and better than we had hoped. Our driver, Ganesh was excellent. He and Jamil both helped us as we asked and suggested ideas when they thought they might be helpful but gave us all the space we needed as very independent minded travellers. Ganesh got up early for sunrise photos, drove late when needed, provided wholesaler textile, restaurant, hotel and silver contacts when we asked but didn't push "buying opportunities"on us. His in depth local knowledge got us to sights we hadn't read about and when we presented new ideas to him he "explored" with us to find Demoiselle Cranes in Keechen and even drove across untravelled gravel while looking at flight pattern of the birds to see where they landed and got us close enough to photograph. Charges came to total we had expected at end and no extras were created or asked for. Fair, competent, punctual and friendly!! I highly recommend the services!

Date : April 16, 2013
Name : Brigitte Haas
Country : Germany
Comment : We were two friends travelling to India and originally, we didn`t plan to go on a guided tour. Then, by luck, we met Jamil in Udaipur, thought about the possibilities and decided to make a 5-day-tour through Rajasthan- at the end, it was 3 weeks.:-) In this time we had no single sorrow, enough free space, a lot of fun and so many interesting conversations- beside the many things we saw and learned about Indian culture! Everything was like we wished and even better, because Jamil knows the real good things You don`t find in the guidebook. The hotels had -for the same money- a higher standard than outside the tour, and everywhere we arrived we were treated like friends! I highly recommend Jamil and his crew- they made our India-Trip to a really great, relaxed and enriching time full of fun and nice people! Thank You, Jamil!
Date : March 18, 2013
Name : César García
Country : México
Comment : Jamil is an awesome person! He is an honest, fun and know-it-all of his region which makes him really interesting to hang out with. I celebrated my birthday in the desert and he facilitated a really nice and fun night! If you visit Udaipur do not forget to say three times Jamil!
Date : March 15, 2013
Name : Ami
Country : USA
Comment : Hello! Three friends and I traveled from Udaipur to Jodhpur with Rajasthan Car Service's driver Ganesh. He was extremely helpful, kind, and informative. All our families were a bit concerned about 4 girls traveling alone in India but we felt extremely safe with Ganesh's driving and cultural advice.
Date : February 22, 2013
Name : Peter Dipl. Ing. Gypser
Country : Austria
Comment : Rajasthan ist eine Perle Indiens.Wer möchte den Anblick dieser Perle nicht stressfrei genießen wollen? Nicht Bus, Bahnzeiten, Hotels mühsam ermitteln müssen, flexibel sein zu können, einfach gesagt frei reisen zu können.

Ich hatte das Glück in Udaipur auf Jamil zu treffen, der mich im Gespräch beeindruckte und mir ein gutes Angebot für eine 16 Tage Tour mit car and driver machte.

Als ich erfuhr, dass mein driver Ganesh heißt, war ich sicher, die Reise wird erfolgreich sein, da mein indischer Lieblingsgott Ganesh ist.

Das war sie auch. Dank Jamils umsichtiger Leitung und Ganesh´s freundlichem Naturell erlebte ich Rajasthan von seiner besten Seite, ohne Stress, mit Lachen und Spaß.Ich habe sehr viele, schöne Erinnerungen mit nach Hause genommen.

Sollte mich mein Schicksal nochmals nach Indien verschlagen, werde ich wieder mit Jamil und Ganesh durch die Weiten dieses Landes „reiten“.

Jamil und Ganesh ich wünsche Euch alles Gute!!

Radjhastan is one of the pearls of india and who wouldn't want to enjoy visiting it without stress?! Without having to check out the schedules of busses, hotels or trains, but being flexible and able to travel as YOU want it…

I was lucky enough to meet Jamil in Udaipur, who impressed me in our first discussion and who made me a great car&driver offer for a 16 day trip.

When I heard that my driver's name was Ganesh I knew that the trip is going to be great, Ganesh being my favorite of the many indian gods.

And thats exactly what happened - thanks to Jamil's guiding and Ganesh's positive personality I had the chance to get to know Radjasthan in a wonderful way, without stress but lots of laughter and fun, being able to return with a backpack full of positive memories.

If my destiny should ever lead me back to India I will for sure cruse the country with Jamil and Ganesh!

Jamil and GaneshI I wish you all the best.

Peter Gypser

3170 Hainfeld, Niederösterreich
Oberer Götzhof


Date : October 22, 2012
Name : Deborah
Country : France
Comment : Thanks Jamil for this amazing trip in India!! This tour is unforgetable, thanks for the good time and the memories :).
Date : September 11, 2012
Name : Céline Montagné
Country : France
Comment : Thank you so much Jamil for this amazing trip! It was really good organized, you were the perfect guide!

I really thank you!


Date : August 12, 2012
Name : Marta
Country : Germany
Comment : I am usually not the type of person to go on organized tours, cause they never please my intire needs (yes, i am fussy...), but after quite some hassle in india, me and my friend decided to give tours another chance...

and yes, it was amazing! if everything in india would be so easy as the time we have spent on tour with jamil and if every indian would be so nice, honest and knowledgable person like jamil, india would be the best place in the world!

you will defintely not regret going!!!

have fun!!

Date : July 27, 2012
Name : Stephen
Country : France
Comment : If you want to visit Rajasthan in a quick and independant way, if you don't want to spend time to search for restaurant, shop and guest house, if you want a goog guide... so this is the right place with Jamil !
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